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.:*:. Basics .:*:.



Dream vacation:
Dream job:
Your dream spot to live:

.:*:. Can you…:*:.

Name the Seven Dwarfs (w/o Cheating):
Name the cast of “Friends”:
Make up a word, and give it a definition:
Name a band from the ‘80’s or ’90’s?:

Please elaborate on these!

What would you do if you were the opposite sex for a day?
What was the weirdest concoction that you have ever consumed?
What is your biggest fear?
If you could hang out with a Super star, whether eat be a music star or whatever, for a day, who would you hang out with and why?

.:*:.Last but not least… .:*:.

Please promote this community to 2 journals and 2 communities (we will be checking, so show exact links):
Please post 4 pics of yourself, it can be with other people but you have to notify who you are in the pics. AND YOU MUST PUT ONE PICTURE IN HERE OF YOU LOOKING YOUR WORST ~!!
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